As a former storyteller and children's librarian, I have had much experience giving presentations to young readers, and at professional meetings and conferences to their teachers, librarians and parents. At schools, I tailor my talks to the various grade levels. In recent years I have visited schools in 45 states as well as International Schools abroad. How would I have ever guessed that I would be invited to speak in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Mozambique, and India? I love meeting my readers wherever they are and I am just as excited when I travel to New Jersey!

Usually I spend a full day at a location and give three programs: K-1, 2-3, 4-5. Groups can be as large or as small as suit the needs of the school. In fact, I once spoke to 800 fourth graders who sat on bleachers in a high school gym in Indiana. I don't recommend such large groups but I can do it. In addition, I am willing to have lunch with a selected group of students. Sometimes there is an essay contest for children about why they want to have lunch with me. Sometimes it's a lottery. And sometimes I join the teachers in the faculty room and eat and chat with them. All I need for my visits is a microphone because it is essentially a listening experience for the children. I tell stories, explain how authors get ideas, discuss the publishing process and allow time for questions and answers. My publishers give a 40-50% discount for books ordered in conjunction with a visit and often schools take advantage of this bargain and sell books. Of course, I sign any books sold or already in the school library.

So if you are interested in an author visit, contact me now! I'm busy booking for the current and next school year.

It is also possible to book me for a Skype interview. Most recently I took part in a 35+ minute interview with a school in Bangkok. It seems no place is too far away for Skype!


2016 - 2017 School Year

MARCH 2016

It's hard for me to believe that this month will mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of my first book BUSYBODY NORA. In 1976, when the book was published, it told about five year old Nora who lived in a New York City apartment building. Now all these years later, the book is still available (Harper Trophy paperback) and amazingly Nora is still five years old. I can't offer you a slice of birthday cake or a party bag with souvenirs take home, but if you read BUSYBODY NORA, I can promise you a chance to make friends with a lively young girl who will make you laugh. Other books about Nora, her younger brother Teddy, and their neighbors Russell, Elisa and Mrs. W. are available as ebooks via Amazon and StarWalk Kids. Happy Birthday to Nora and happy reading to everyone!

November 12th. 2PM. Panel discussion and book signing at Turn of the Corkscrew bookshop in Rockville Centre, New York.

December 22. Hillel Yeshiva School, Ocean, New Jersey

January 31, 2017. Torah School of Greater Washington. (Silver Spring, MD)

February 6, 2017 Visit George A. Jackson Elem. Sch., Jericho, NY

February 28. Speak at PS/​MS 219. Flushing, Queens

March 7. Oak Hill School. Herndon, Virginia.

Selected Works

Short stories
A collection of stories all based on the same premise of someone playing a trick on someone else.
Here is a new book about first grader Montgomery Gerald Morris, known to all as Monty. Recently a boy asked me if I wrote any books of magic. I said "no" because no one becomes invisible, is able to fly, or walk through walls in my books. Even Magical Monty is just about a boy who is given a magic set and learns to master simple tricks which fool the eye. It isn't really magic. And then I realized that my answer should be "yes". Nowadays many of the books that I wrote and which were published in the traditional book format have become available as ebooks. That means there is no book to hold, no pages to turn, no volume to place on a shelf. Ebooks are electronic copies of printed material, complete with the original pictures. These ebooks can be read on a Kindle or Nook or by using some other sort of electronic device. When you are not reading them, they are stored on a cloud. Isn't that magic? So if you can't find a particular book of mine in a library or bookstore, check to see if it's available as an ebook. It's a new way of reading!