I thought it would be fun to see how different authors would handle the same idea, that of someone playing a trick on someone else. It seemed an original idea at the time. Then after the book was in the works, I realized that I was not very clever after all. From the beginning of literature be it The Bible, or Aesops Fables, Grimm's Fairy Tales, the Uncle Remus stories and on and on people or animals have been fooling one another. It's not a new idea but it's still fun. No fooling.

The authors included in this book are David A. Adler, Eve Feldman, Douglas Florian, Matthew Holm, Johanna Hurwitz (of course!) Ellen Klages, Michelle Knudsen, Carmela A. Martino, Megan McDonald and Barbara Ann Porte.
Candlewick. Spring 2010.

Selected Works

Short stories
A collection of stories all based on the same premise of someone playing a trick on someone else.
The first book in my early chapter series starring a shy boy who comes into his own.
Monty is mighty enough to take karate in a funny, true-to-life sequel with surefire appeal for early chapter-book readers.
A new sibling is just one of the surprises some good, some not so much awaiting Monty in another story for early chapter book readers.
The first grade hero of this series continues in his resourceful and clever activities as he deals with the unpredictable everyday events in his life. Monty, and the reader, are in for several surprises and some laughs too when they read this book.

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